Online therapy – The way of the future?

I started Insite Psychology in 2012 as a way of communicating with clients all over the world in a manner which is accessible for the vast majority of people who have some form of internet access. The premise is two-fold. Firstly, people suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health ailments, and the use of psychological intervention has been shown to be effective in most cases.  Secondly, our lives have been filled with new technology which makes it easier to communicate with the rest of the world, through phone, email, and direct messaging services, this has meant that the world is smaller, but not necessarily that we are any less busy in that world.
My thoughts on online therapy is that it fills a niche for people who are unable to attend ‘traditional’ one on one therapy appointments, or indeed for those who prefer to not attend one on one services for any reason. 

There is a building evidence base for the use of online therapies as an effective method to address anxiety, depression and substance abuse and the evidence continues to come in, due to this being a boom area in everyone’s life (that is, the increase in the amount of technology that we are exposed to on a daily basis).

My goal with Insite Psychology is to attempt to help ease suffering in a manner which is conducive to our everyday lives, without the need for excess travel and attendances at external appointments. 

Is online therapy the way of the future? Only time, experience and research will tell us this for sure. 

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