Just don’t die – on the similarities of religion

Skeptic's Guide to Life

Religion is a funny little thing really, belief systems (mostly) aimed at transcendence of daily struggles, but often doing a whole lot of segregating humans into little sects that see the world through different, albeit very similar lenses. This essay is not a religion-hate piece, nor an exercise in Atheistic apologetics, just my views on what religion is to me.

Recently I was riding home from work and off to the East there was a storm building, a big black and shiny thing that crackled and spat, and being on a bike, I have to say that I was somewhat intimidated and I had a quick ‘I hope that doesn’t hit any time soon’ and with this thought I came to briefly reflect on how ancient civilisations must have viewed storms such as these. I live in a world that understands storms for what they are, relatively benign events that…

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