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Relapse prevention in early recovery

In terms of substance abuse and addiction treatment, relapse prevention is one of the core areas of treatment which is at times overlooked by people who are seeking treatment. Often people feel that after they have stopped using drugs or … Continue reading

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Regrets of the dying

This article has been around for a bit and outlines the experiences of a palliative care nurse and the responses that those who are dying have to the process and the regrets that they have. This is one of … Continue reading

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Advances in addiction treatment

I have just returned from the Australasian Professional Society on Addictive Disorders (APSAD) conference in Brisbane, Australia which focussed on the current research and practice evidence in relation to addictive disorders and their treatment. I presented on the treatment method … Continue reading

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Just don’t die – on the similarities of religion

Originally posted on Skeptic's Guide to Life:
Religion is a funny little thing really, belief systems (mostly) aimed at transcendence of daily struggles, but often doing a whole lot of segregating humans into little sects that see the world…

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Chasing Supermen

I recently asked a client who was stuck with where to go in life a simple question, “Who do you look up to, what of their values do you admire?” The client was a young man who had been stuck … Continue reading

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Men and Therapy

As this week is Men’s Health week, I thought that it would only be apt to talk about my area of knowledge, men’s mental health. This isn’t another article about ‘men suffer mental illness too’ which we all know, but … Continue reading

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Ketamine for Depression and expectations of therapy

So I came across this article recently in relation to the trial of Ketamine for the treatment of depression Anesthetic for Depression? Mayo Clinic Study Finds Low-Dose Ketamine Effective and being interested in new treatments and appraoches to the treatment of … Continue reading

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